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06-08-2023 – SHOW 525

Iriani Mancini: What you Doin’?

Half Japanese: It’s Okay

Margo Cilker: Keep It On A Burner

Half Man Half Biscuit: Whiteness Thy Name is Meltonian

Joy Division: The Eternal

The Vapour Trails: See you in the Next World

Maddie Mae: Polaroid Love

Kevin Ayres: Am I Really Marcel

Robert Wyatt: At Last I am Free

CHELA: Ticker

Knoel Scott feat. Marshall Scott: Makanda

Half Man Half Biscuit: Quality Janitor

Vic Reeves: Meals on Wheels

Gaika: Pinata

Ronnie Romero: Castaway on the Moon

Tymon Dogg: Battle of Wills

Infernal Symphony: Church of the Militant Elvis

Garden on a Trampoline: Are you Lonesome Tonight

Astral and S*it, Bardosentricube and D.O.J. Stone: A Memorable Fancy

Terreur Twist: L’Invocation

Spirit of the Wood feat. Nathalie Lane: Raindance

Little Dragon feat Damon Albarn: Glow

Half Man Half Biscuit: This Leaden Pall

Half Man Half  Biscuit: Footprints

Kirsten Hirsch:Dandelion

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

30-07-2023 – SHOW 524

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Teleclub: El Centro de Atencion

Lucidavox: There Ahead

Jasaro People: Suffering

Our Generation: Hello Friends

The Groundhogs: Cherry Red

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Flutterby

Spencer Cullum: What a Waste of an Echo’ / ‘The Three Magnets (Maston Remix)’

The Magic Numbers: Crazy in Love


Annika Socolofsky: Don’t you Cry

Zyggurat: Broken Circle

Sonfolk: Homecoming

Candida Pax: Darkness

The Joy: Heartbreaker

Whitelands: How it Feels (howdogirlssleep remix)

Klaus Beyer: Hey Jude

Jamie Branch: Take over the World

Ori Barel: Butterflies

Six Organs of Admittance: School of the Flower

Jonathan Richman  and the Modern Lovers:  Affection

The Falcons of Haunt: Pomegranate

All Saved Freak Band: All Across the Nation

Amor Butano: Planeta Venus

Stone Anthem: The Grass Metropolis

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

23-07-2023 – SHOW 522

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

All Saved Freaks Band: All Across the Nation

Chai: Para Para

Daft Punk: Give Life Back to Music

Manolo: Amalfi Drive

The Falcons of Haunt: Sexual Tension of Jane Merrow

Julie Byrne: Moonless

Allah Lahs: Zuma 85

Astrid Gilberto: Once I loved

Gal Costa: India

The Strawberry Alarm Clock: Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow

Kim Fowley: Strangers from the Skies

Dølle Jølle: Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje’s Extra Døll Mix)

Sleaford Mods: Apart from You

Buffalo Nichols: You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Bond

Withering Scorn: Dark Reflection

Heidi Berry: Northshore Train

Corto.alto: Bye

Stackridge: Spin Round the Room

Stackridge: Purple Spaceships over Yatton

Mental Remedy: Omamiuda (Prayer For Japan Version)

Creep Show: Matinee

Wreckless Eric: Standing Water

David Crosby: I’d Swear There was Somebody Here

16/07/2023 – Episode 522

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN: Mpemba

Little Dragon: Gold

Crystal Jacqueline and Icarus Peel: Shangri La

Tiny Leaves: Portway

Tiny Leaves: Long Mynd Snow

Brigid Mae Power: Some Life You’ve Known

Ahmed Ben Ali: Ya Ghayeb

The Frantic Elevators: Holding Back the Years

Baxter Dury: Crashes

Carlos Nino and Friends: Taaaud

Highlighted feat. Geoglyph: Everchanging

Tiny Leaves: Mynd. Plateau Arrival

Tiny Leaves: Runner, Messenger ii

Gaika feat. Bbmutha: Lady

Pipiolas: Baby

The Groundhogs: Status People

Damon Locks and Rob Mazurek: Yes!

Coco Maria: Seguimos Sonriendo

Rob Gould and Friends: The Musical Box

Rob Gould and Friends: Twilight Alehouse

Astral Magic: Where Men Became Gods

Unbard Gates: Moments Before the Storm

Tiny Leaves: Companola Rotundifinola

Tiny Leaves: Together Alder

Mokoomba: Makisi

Coleen Cosmo Murphy: Monks Road Social

David Crosby: I’d Swear There was Somebody Here

09/07/2023 – Episode 521

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Comet Gain: Pinstriped Rebel

Rupie Dan: My Black Race

The Rain Parade: This Can’t be Today

The Rain Parade: Last Rays of a Dying Sun

Thirteenth Floor Elevators: Slip Inside this House

Wreckless Eric: Inside the Majestic

Nicola Conte feat Zara MacFarlane: Arise

Simply Red: Positively 4th Street

The Frantic Elevators: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Blanco Teta: Shuga

Kassi Valazza: Room in the City

The Rain Parade: Left the Fire

The Rain Parade: Forgetfulness

Motherhood: Wandering

Air Waves: Star Earring

Linda Lewis: Rock a Doodle Doo

Freda D’Souza: Windowledge

Wren Hinds: Dream State

Unwoman: Autumn

Unwoman: The Waves

Coleen Cosmo Murphy/HF International feat Kalif: I Can’t go for That (No Can Do)

Curtis Stewart: i remember

Curtis Stewart: Gone – the Happy Blues

Curtis Stewart: Present Tense

The Monochrome Set: Summer of the Demon

Dr. John: In a Sentimental Mood

The Rain Parade: Sunday’s Almost Gone

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

02/07/2023 – Episode 519

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Altin Gun: Doktor Civanim

BC Camplight: Kicking up a Fuss

Laurence-Anne: Politesse

Rahill:  Healing

Rahill: I Smile for E

Troller: Out Back

The Circling Sun: Bliss

Geoff Bradford: Texas Psychedelic

David Dundas: Jeans on

Temps: Lookaliveandplaydead

Anthropology Band: Blade Juggler

Bokani Dyer: Picturesque

Rahill: Hesitations

Rahill: Gone Astray

Dragon Welding: Here Come the Rainbows

Kohla: Lovebites

Poolside feat. Mazy: Each Night

The Rain Parade: Left the Fire

Teenage Fanclub: Foreign Land

Rick Dietrick: Little Tujunga Suite

Tiny Leaves: With the Hollow at my Feet

Balimaya Project feat. Afronaut Zu: For Azis

Cyril Cyril and the Meridian Brothers: Diablos De Chuao

Rahill: Nazila

Rahill: Libra Sun

Rahill: Note to Self

Jantra: Gedima

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

25/06/2023 – Episode 519

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

The Teardrop Explodes: Treason (It’s Just a Story)

The Saxophones: Boy Crazy

Yuele: Sulky Baby

Hawkwind: Outside of Time

Lisasinson: Mochi

Faizal Mostrixx: Tunes of the Jungle

Danuk: Lo lo Liminio

Gloria Jones and Marc Bolan: City Port

Blanco Teta: La Luz

Nico Georis: Soft Purple Gazers

Curtis Stewart: Vi Krishna

Lisasinson: Todo Mal

Hawkwind: Aldous Huxley

The Dream Machine: Baby Run

Rahill feat. Beck: Fables

Magic Wands: Switch

Matt Berry: Solstice

Andy Bell and Masal: Murmuration Of Warm Dappled Light On Her Back After Swimming

Local Psycho and the Hurdy Gurdy Orchestra: The Hurdy Gurdy Song

Lanterns on the Lake: Real Life

Hawkwind: The Future Never Waits

Lisasinson: Ultimamente

Som Imaginario: Sabado

4TH World Magazine: The Twin Springs of Daemonic Goethe

Manu Ela: La Revolucion

Solstice: Light Up

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

18/06/2023 – Episode 518

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Heavy Lungs: Dancing ManMeagre Martin: All my ThoughtsCooper T. feat. Evabee: Outside Looking inThe Osmonds: Traffic in my MindThe Osmonds: Movie ManModern Cosmology: Making SomethingThe Falcons of Haunt: DangerbirdNeil Young: Danger BirdRon Wood and Ronnie Lane: Just for a MomentWhitelands: Setting SunTetouze: Asian YantraTaa!: We Must Give ThanksThe Osmonds: One Way Ticket to AnywhereThe Osmonds: Mirror MirrorSQURL feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg: John Ashby Takes a WalkInna de Yard: HumanityMark Jonathan Davis: ShatneredYoni Mayraz: 1999Holgar Czukay: Oh Lord Give us More MoneyEmRiver feat. Kevin Falconer: Cavern ShimmersDas Rad: Kingdom FallThe Osmonds: Goin’ HomeThe Osmonds: It’s AlrightDemented are Go: Crazy HorsesHawkwind: Rama (the Prophecy)David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

11/06/2023 – Episode 517

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Die Katapult:  Waschmaschine

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete: Dinamo

Our Broken Garden: Fallen

Silver Moth: Henry

Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz: Coisa nº 2

Giorgio Tuma feat. Clarissa Rustico: Creation of my Ghosts

The Joy: Umona (radio edit)

The Lilac Time: The Rain Falls Deepest on the Shortest Haircut

Catherine Lambert: The Sea Beasts

Nusasantara Beat: Borondong Garang

Silver Moth: Mother Tongue

Scott Walker: Angels of Ashes

Pipiolas: San Peter

Baxter Dury: Celebrate Me

I’ Ludicrous: Mistakes

M83: Laura

Sea of Daisies: The Sky is Melting

Echo and the Bunnymen: Gods will be Gods

Echo and the Bunnymen: Porcupine

Silver Moth: Hello Doom

Sourdurant: Tron de Diu

Susanne Sundfoer: Blomi

Josh Cohen: Tachpsycia

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

04/06/2023 – Episode 516

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Saint Paul and the Broken Bones: City Federal Building

Putochinomaricon: Sindrome del Impostor

Les Abranis: Akoudar

The Caretaker: Loss of Want Back There

Vulcan Freedom Fighters: Romulan Divide

Manchester Collective feat. Hannah Peel: NEON

Eluvium: Mass Lossess Interbeing

Steve Hillage: Om Nama Shivaya

The Falcons of Haunt: Ralph We’re Home Now

Alabastar de Plume: Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem

Callum Pitt: More than This

Vulcan Freedom Fighters: Nomad

The Caretaker: Drifting Sublime Hope

False Memories feat. Annette Orlon: The Storm Inside

Nickodemus – ft. Pat Kalla: Mamma Tchip (Follow me)

The Space Lady: I Had too Much to Dream Last Night

B.E.F.: The Optimum Chant

Little Richard: True Fine Mama

Craven Faults: Sun Vein Strings

Silver Moth: The Eternal

The Caretaker: And Bliss, Everywhere Bliss

Vulcan Freedom Fighters: Doomsday Machine

Vulcan Freedom Fighters: Horta

Roderigo y Gabriella: The Ride of the Mind

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

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