Strange Fruits with Neil Nixon

The Telescopes: Butterfly

Immaterial Possession: Mercy of the Crane Folk

Marco Rossi: Pretty Song

Let’s Eat Grandma: Levitation

Let’s Eat Grandma: Watching you Go

Guided Meditation Doom Jazz: Sit in Surrender

A Certain Ratio: Tombs in M3

The Shaggs: Things I Wonder

Kenickie: Save Your Kisses for Me

The Keith Reid Project: This Space is Vacant

Bill Pritchard: The Lowering

Let’s Eat Grandma: Sunday

Let’s Eat Grandma: In the Cemetery

Uzi Listening: Buckminster Fuller’s Daydream Delayed

Les Abranis: Achethkhii

Brian Nasty: Loso Na Madesu

Saint Paul and the Broken Bones: City Federal Building

Unstuck: Working Man

Circus of Rock ft. Girish Pradhan: Alive and Kicking

Paddy McAloon: Orchid 7

Paddy McAloon: I’m 49

Paddy McAloon: Sleeping Rough

The Falcons of Haunt: Mementos of a Secret

Lee Scratch Perry: I am a Madman 12” Mix

John Peel/Renaissance: Introduction/ Innocence

Let’s Eat Grandma: Two Ribbons

Kalia Vandever: Mirrored Solitude

Nkono Teles: Love Vibration

David Crosby: I’d Swear There was Somebody Here


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