21/05/2023 Episode 514

Baris Manco:   Nick the Chopper

Chai: We the Female

The Comet Gain: Your Just Lonely

Nkono Teles: Party Beats

PNEM: Mikro Electro

Andy Bell and Masal: Tidal Love Conversation in that Familiar Golden Orchard

Death and Vanilla: Find Another Illusion

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Crazy Horses

Clearlake: Cinnamon Girl

Peter Lawson: 10 of Swords

Black Sabbath: Wheels of Confusion

Nkono Teles: Love got a Hold of Me

Nkono Teles: Love Vibration

Eliades Ochoa: Se Soltó Un León

Nalani Rothrock: Hold On

Blanco Teta: Hoy No

Raissa Lago: To Get Over You

Karen Zanes: Blue Cloud Monday

Transient States: Disappearing in Mist

1516: Kiss the Rain

Nkono Teles: Hometown Weather

Olmedo Torres y Polibio Mayorg: Mi Paisa

Rizan Said: The Impossible Arab Kurd

David Crosby: I’d Swear There was Somebody Here

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