28/05/2023 – Episode 515

Strange Fruit With Neil Nixon

Emma Tricca: Asprin Sun

Temples: Liquid Air

Growers of  Mushroom: Leaf Hound

Jonathan Richman: The Neighbours

Emma Tricca: Christodora House

Balmorhea: Step Step Step

Josienne Clark: Anyone but Me

The Circling Sun: Kohan

Paul McCartney and Wings: Jazz Street

Frijid Pink: House of the Rising Sun

Emma Tricca: Reuben’s House

Brìghde Chaimbeul: Banish the Giant of Doubt

The Smiths: Hand in Glove

Hourglvss: Someone Calling

Screaming Jack Wilks: Come and Get Me

The Velvet Underground: New Age

Caraballo: Vacio

Stackridge: Slark

Kosmonaut: Dream Windows

Emma Tricca: Trees

The Caretaker: Loss of Want Back There

Joyeria: Death

Vulcan Freedom Fighters: We are the Metrons

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

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