06-08-2023 – SHOW 525

Iriani Mancini: What you Doin’?

Half Japanese: It’s Okay

Margo Cilker: Keep It On A Burner

Half Man Half Biscuit: Whiteness Thy Name is Meltonian

Joy Division: The Eternal

The Vapour Trails: See you in the Next World

Maddie Mae: Polaroid Love

Kevin Ayres: Am I Really Marcel

Robert Wyatt: At Last I am Free

CHELA: Ticker

Knoel Scott feat. Marshall Scott: Makanda

Half Man Half Biscuit: Quality Janitor

Vic Reeves: Meals on Wheels

Gaika: Pinata

Ronnie Romero: Castaway on the Moon

Tymon Dogg: Battle of Wills

Infernal Symphony: Church of the Militant Elvis

Garden on a Trampoline: Are you Lonesome Tonight

Astral and S*it, Bardosentricube and D.O.J. Stone: A Memorable Fancy

Terreur Twist: L’Invocation

Spirit of the Wood feat. Nathalie Lane: Raindance

Little Dragon feat Damon Albarn: Glow

Half Man Half Biscuit: This Leaden Pall

Half Man Half  Biscuit: Footprints

Kirsten Hirsch:Dandelion

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

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