28-08-2023 – SHOW 528

Suede: Metal Micky

Sam the Womp feat. Natty Campbell: Rise up

Scream Maker: Everybody Needs Illusions

P J Harvey: Dear Darkness

P J Harvey: The Piano

Dick Gaughan: A Different Kind of Love Song

Explosions in the Sky: Ten Billion People

Belbury Poly:  The Path

Roy Wood: Songs of Praise

A Certain Ratio: Samo (Werkha Remix)

Laura Groves: D4N

Kohla: One and Only

P J Harvey: White Chalk

XTC: Chalkhills and Children

Pachyman: Trago Coqueto

Symbol Soup: Dark Horse

Anita Harris: Somebody’s in my Orchard

Balimaya Project: For Aziz

Beverley Glenn-Copeland: Stand Anthem

Yes: Eastern Number

Alan White: Song of Innocence

Martin Messant: Lacuna

P J Harvey: When Under Ether

P J Harvey: The Mountain

Mark Fry: Down Narrow Streets

Herve Perez: Nada (Listening Meditation) 6

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

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