Emma Anderson: Bend the Round

Miss Tiny: The Sound

Saramaccan Sound (Suriname): One Mother, Two Hearts

Martin Messent: Spear of Broccoli

Wren Hinds: Chasing the River

Doodle Duncan: Death Row

Jimmy Minor: Death Row

Steve Allen: Cinderella

The High-Llamas: Frankly Mr. Shankley

Situations: That’s Someone You’ll Never Forget

Raissa Lago: Get it

Bas Jan: At the Counter

Martin Messent: Dance of the Sea Potatoes

Donovan: The Mandolin Man with his Secret

Cécile Broché: Back to Future

Dina Ogon: Vi Smalter

Steve Allen: Goldilocks

Islet: River Body

Resavoir: Inside Minds

Steve Tromans and Mark Sanders: Golden Mountain

Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)

Dinosaur Jr.: Out There

Dantalion’s Chariot: Madman Running Through the Fields

Martin Messent: Lacuna

China Crisis: A Golden Handshake for Every Daughter

Forces: Lileth

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

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