17-09-2023 – SHOW 531


Chai: Neo Kawaii K?

Bixia 70 Feat Simone Sou: Mulunga

The Handsome Family: King of Everything

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Scarecrow Says

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Elf Trip

Ultramarine: Discovery

Flaer: Follow

Chantal Michal: Line of Drift

The Tygers of Pan Tang: LovePotion Number 9

Edge of Forever: Ritual Part 1

Leon Keita: Diarabi Mana

Luiza Lian: Tecnicolor

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Green Folk

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Flutterby

Ernest Hood: The Secret Place

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown:  Spontaneous Apple Creation

Half Man Half Biscuit: Whiteness Thy Name is Meltonian

Bobby Fuller: Sinbad

Paul Rooney: Something Happening

Luzmila Carpio: El Retorno de Sol

We’re Late for Class: The Epic Medley Piece #2

Quintessence: Midnight Mode

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Owl Eyes

Cosmic Neighbourhood: Firebird

Jono Heyes: Cantar la Guitarra

Green House: Castle Song

David Crosby: I’d Swear there was Somebody Here

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