The Mental Health Foundation tells us that 20% of adolescents will experience a mental health problem in any given year, while the NHS tells us that ‘emotional disorders’ are steadily on the rise. But what about those of us not included in the stats – those of us who don’t step forward to be counted?

With the stigma that continues to surround having a mental health problem and the worry of being judged holding many of us back, it’s clear that the stats struggle to identify the real size of the issue.

With the need to create initiatives more pressing than ever, our Vice Principal Rhiannon Hughes and Teaching and Learning Improvement Partner, Sue Barry, join us to explain their new roles, and how they’re taking measures to help our tutors support us more effectively with our mental well-being.

Here we discuss the ‘signposting’ strategies that are being put into place, the fight against stigma, how all of our problems are relative, and how ultimately, ‘It’s OK not to be OK.’

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