Is Formula E the future of Motorsport?

Written by Adam Reid.

Introducing Formula E.

The all electric single seater series Formula E has made huge strides in the 8 years the series has been around, the series races on street circuits across many different cities such as London, New York, Rome, Berlin and Monaco, we are just scratching the surface on past, present and rumoured circuits. The series was first sketched out in 2011, they made prototype which became the first ever all electric Formula car with the help of current driver Lucas Di Grassi who has driven many racing cars in his time from Formula 1, LMP1, GT’s and more, he drove the prototype and said “It was super powerful and really nice to drive” Lucas  helped build the foundations and concept on Formula E and after a change to the prototype creating the Gen1 car Formula E made its debut in Beijing 2014, coming into 2022 Formula E enters it’s eighth series and we have had some huge manufactures enter such as Andretti, Penske, Jaguar Mercedes, Porsche and the recently departed teams of Audi and BMW. Over the course of it’s 8 years Formula E has become the only series to continuously kept net zero carbon footprint since its inception.

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The Evolution.

In terms of the evolution of Formula E it’s mainly the cars with Gen 1 starting with a basic concept evolving but the battery not being able to do a race length so they had to change cars mid race, it was seen as stupid and unprofessional so the series created Gen 2 for Season 5 with longer lasting battery, more powerful and a new strategy element in the form of Attack Mode Formula E looked to be on the rise turning heads from long time fans of other forms of motorsports, I believe the future looks bright for Formula E despite Mercedes leaving at the end of Season 8 they are being replaced by Maserati as well as bringing in a brand new car in Gen 3 which is capable of upping it’s maximum power from 250kw to 350kw with a possible top speed of 200 mph! I do worry that because of the Gen 3 stats Formula E will have to move to small purposed built tracks because I do like the concept of street circuit racing with the constant risk vs reward aspect always being there.


What’s Next For Formula E?

The future of Formula E could also bring in 20 races a season with the idea of double header weekends with 2 races over the course of 2 days and I would love it to get to that stage but then we worry about burning out the team mechanics and drivers so this a constant thought that we could have for within 3-5 years in the future, circuits have been evolving as well and the biggest form of circuit evolution in the London E Prix.

After 2 fantastic championship finales in Battersea Park the series was kicked out and London was absent on the calendar for 5 years until Season 7 when we had the inaugural London Excel E Prix now the special aspect about the venue is that it’s the first ever indoor/outdoor upstairs/downstairs race track, this was made by starting with loads of concepts until finding a home at the exhibition, the main straight starts in the hall however the surface wasn’t suitable for race cars so they had to put over an abrasive surface over the Excel’s prementioned concrete slab and coated over.

After the weekend they will remove the material used to creating the racing surface so that the exhibition centre can still be an exhibition centre without an odd, abrasive surface. In terms with the upstairs/downstairs concept, the grid and pitlane are on the first floor, the level decline on the exit of turn 5 and the incline on the exit of turn 20 with turn 21 taking the cars back into the ExCel hall.

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