Lessons From Auschwitz

Teaching and Learning Improvement
This term two students, Jessica Sheeley and Robyn Paterson from Public Services attended the Lessons from Auschwitz project with Pip France and Jordan Bonner.
Based on the premise that ‘hearing is not like seeing’, this fourpart course explores the universal lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance for today. The LFA Project aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust for young people and to clearly highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable.

The visits to the former Nazi concentration and death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau are preceded and followed by half-day seminars in order to ensure an exceptional educational experience. Learners will now work within the team with Sue Barry to create a College wide project to be use during the week of Holocaust Memorial Day.

By Teaching and Learning Improvement Officer Sue Barry
Featuring Public Services students Jessica Sheeley and Robyn Paterson
With lecturer Pip France
Edited by Jordan Bonner

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